Friday, July 27, 2018

Tips to Create SEO-friendly and Engaging Content

When it comes to creation of content, some people create content that audience loves to read; and some can create something which can easily get into the spotlight of search engines. And then, there is the third kind of writers who manage to focus on both of the aspects while writing a piece of content. Nevertheless, such people are quite rare.

When we talk about creation of high quality content that is engaging as well as SEO-friendly, we must talk about the exact ways this type of content can be created and it would also be worth mentioning how to avoid mistakes that make the content a poor piece of work.

Keyword research
Your main purpose of writing is to promote your product or service over search engine. So, you will have to play with the search keywords and terms which are going to make your content discoverable. So, you will have to focus on keyword research before anything else. The matter of fact is that keyword research is going to give you the direction of your content.

List of related keywords
While researching for the main keywords, you will have to look for the additional keywords which are relevant to your topic. These keywords are going to supplement your main topic in order to make it discoverable among a wider audience.

Title tags that are engaging and optimized
You wouldn’t be able to get traffic to your blog even if you have nicest piece of content but your tittle tag is not quite engaging and SEO-friendly. An ideal title tag is mainly based on 60 characters and it includes main keyword. There are a few factors which you will need to take into consideration if you want to create an ideal title tag. Those factors include:
  • An explanation on how to do something
  • Credibility
  • Capability to create curiosity
  • Prompting the readers to ask themselves some questions
  • Explanation on why your brand is the ideal solution for the readers

It may sound like a lot of things for a 60-character title tag but it is something you can pull of. It just needs some thought.

Now, forget about the keyword research and write
Since you have worked on the keyword research and created the title tag of your choice, it is now the time to create the content. Don’t think about SEO at the moment. Just try to make the content as engaging as possible. Start writing and make sure that you are only focusing the readers at the moment. Since it is the first draft, it is going to be based only on the concept which prompted you to write this content.

Read the content you have created
After creating the content, you will need to read what you have created. There are going to be a lot of errors because you wouldn’t have worked on the technicalities and perfections. The initial reading is going to let you know about the errors. So, you can mark those errors.

Correct errors
After reading and marking, correct the errors. The content quality will improve greatly but it may still contain errors. So, read again, mark errors, and make corrections.

Look at the content copy. You should be able to see the portions where you can make changes to make the content a nicely optimized source of information. It means that you can now insert main and additional keywords to make the content engaging as well as SEO friendly.

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